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This must get said every year, but here goes; it seems that 2017 was a big and sometimes tumultuous year for a lot of people.

Change and uncertainty has been present, as well as shifts in individual and collective consciousness.

At the start of 2017, I sat down and wrote my intentions for the year. This was not a checklist of ‘resolutions’ or things I was going to do. Rather, it was a statement about who I was going to be and what I was going to focus on; where I was going to put my energy. This intention statement lived with me throughout the year in my diary, as I went about the business of life with hardly a second thought to it.

In an afternoon of reflection recently, I pulled this intention statement out to reread what I had written a year ago. It was only in that moment that it dawned on me just how much has really changed and come to fruition for me in the past 12 months.

12 months ago I set an intention to surround myself with people who brought out the best in me. People who supported me in to being the best that I could be in my academic and professional achievements, as well as people who supported my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

As I looked back on the year, I realised that consciously or unconsciously, indeed this has happened.  As well as maintaining existing friendships which have continued to flourish and grow, I have been blessed with the addition of a few new ones which I never saw coming. People who have come in to my life who in conversation, energy and time spent together, I experience a deep sense of connection and belonging. My professional networks have also widened exponentially after stumbling upon the opportunity to join a wonderful network of small business professionals. In so many different ways, these people encourage and support me and help me to grow in business and develop professionally.

To my surprise (I don’t even remember writing this) I set an intention as to how my business would grow through the year and how many people I would like to be helping on a weekly basis. This intention too has become a reality. In a chance phone call one day, out of nowhere I was offered a subcontracting position in a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. I have since been seeing an additional 4-8 client per week who are teaching me about addiction and about what it takes to live a wholehearted life.

There were a few other intentions that I set, all of which I focused on and continue to focus on to this day. It was only upon reading them that I realised just how important it had been to me at the start of the year, to set aside that time to clarify what was important and what I really wanted.

As with the opening of any door, I believe that there were doors which first had to be closed in order to make room for change. Change, even if it is for the better, can be painful. Change may require a person to let go of the way things were; a grief process. It may require a willingness to see the world differently, to see oneself differently. A willingness if nothing else, to have faith in one’s own intuitions when there is nothing left to have faith in. Sometimes we can make these changes by ourselves, and sometimes we need to admit that we are powerless and ask for help in this journey.

Later this week I will be setting aside some quiet time for reflection on the year to come, in order to clarify in my mind what is important to me and where I want to be putting my energy and my resources this year.

I hope this prompts you to do the same thing. If you wish, you can use the below questions to get you started.

Happy New Year everyone, best wishes, and I hope you have a wonderful 2018.

My Intention Statement

Imagine that it is January 2019 and as you look back on the year, you realise that you have succeeded in fulfilling the vision that you had for the year. You have accomplished the goals you set and you are reflecting with satisfaction on being able to have done that. Allow yourself a few moments to let your mind imagine this and then start the writing process, completing this sentence….

It is January 2019 and as I sit here reflecting on the past 12 months, I am grateful for the changes that I was able to envision, manifest and create in my life. This includes…

Follow up Questions for Further Reflection

What went well for me in 2017?

What didn’t go well for me in 2017?

Who or what am I most grateful for in 2017?

Is there something that I need to let go of from 2017?

What were my biggest lessons from 2017?

How would I like to feel in 2018? Choose 3-5 words or values which describe how I would like to feel.