Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery


Addiction is defined as a chronic condition, occurring when a person ingests a substance or engages in a behaviour which is usually pleasurable, however becomes compulsive, leading to adverse consequences. Someone who has an addiction may find that it is starting to interrupt their ability to tend to day to day responsibilities such as work, study, family and relationships and they may also be experiencing adverse consequences to their health. 

Examples of addiction include but are not limited to: 

  • Cigarettes (see below)
  • Alcohol (daily consumption as well as compulsive binge drinking)
  • Illicit drugs (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth amphetamine etc.)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Food (see also, eating disorders)
  • Compulsive exercise & steroid abuse (linked sometimes to eating disorders)
  • Gambling
  • Shopping/spending
  • Sex & love (codependency)
  • Internet/gaming

Options for treatment.

The options for treatment of addiction with hypnotherapy depend on both how acute the addiction is and how willing the person is to engage in treatment.

In some cases of chronic and high use of mind-altering illicit or prescription drugs, a program of hypnotherapy may be the appropriate next step after a stay at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility or hospital. Likewise with alcohol, if the use is daily and very high, medical supervision in the early stages of recovery may be necessary before a program of hypnotherapy can be undertaken. If acute malnutrition or low body weight is present in an eating disorder, the client may be asked throughout the treatment process to visit their doctor and permit contact between the doctor and therapist.

A program of hypnotherapy can help you on your road to recovery to becoming free of your addiction. 

During sessions of hypnotherapy, you will gain an understanding of the problem on a conscious level through counselling. Your therapist will discuss with you how the problem presents itself, the impact that it has on your life and how you would prefer to be feeling as well what you would prefer to be focusing on.

This information will be utilised under hypnosis to help you create new possibilities for your life. The subconscious will be engaged in the process so as to allow for the resolution and healing of past traumas, hurt and grief, as well as increasing self-esteem and self-worth; critical ingredients in the recovery of addiction.

Hypnosis adds a unique layer to therapy by not only understanding the problem on a conscious level, but addressing the underlying causes at a deeper subconscious level so as the mind can begin to process and create real and positive change.

Quit smoking hypnotherapy

For a person who develops Bulimia, it is often previous dieting behaviour which triggers the onset of Bulimia’s destructive cycle of bingeing and purging. Often, the more strict and rigid the diet, the more likely it is that a person will become disproportionately focused on food. When a person starves or deprives their body of adequate nutrition, the body responds with powerful cravings; this is its way of asking for needed nutrition. The person may then engage in a ‘binge’ episode to satisfy these cravings, and purging is seen as a way to in turn control weight gain.

As with Anorexia Nervosa, there are powerful psychological, biological, social and cultural factors at play which will contribute to the onset of this illness. A person who presents with Bulimia may often have an all-or-nothing mind-set; feeling that any diet slip up is a total failure. They may be using food as a way to determine their self-worth. After having just one square of chocolate, they may think, “I’ve already blown it, so I may as well eat as much as I want”.

The relief that bingeing brings is short lived, and soon after, guilt and self-loathing may set in, and thoughts turn to purging to wipe the slate clean. For a person who is suffering from Bulimia, it is often the purge which becomes the addictive and self-perpetuating element of the disorder, as it is the purge which can make them feel that they can take back some control.


Well you have come to the right place. You know that smoking is harmful to your health, yet you continue to do it and are perplexed by why you can’t ‘just stop’.

This is because the part of the mind that is now responsible for the smoking is no longer the conscious part of the mind; the unconscious mind has taken over.

Discover how a skilful combination of counselling and hypnosis can help you to break the habitual nature of cigarette smoking, as well as uncover the unhelpful beliefs systems that keep you tied to cigarettes. 

At South Eastern Hypnotherapy & Counselling, we offer a Quit Smoking program, which will be specifically tailored to the individual.

  • A quit smoking guide which will be emailed to you upon booking
  • A hypnosis recording which will be emailed to you upon booking
  • 2x one hour sessions of hypnotherapy
  • One FREE session of hypnotherapy which you are entitled to use at any time in the future if you ever take up smoking again, or find yourself wanting extra support

Let hypnotherapy put you in touch with the inner-self who doesn’t want to smoke and who is genuinely a non-smoker at heart.

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"I cannot recommend highly enough. I went for my first quit smoking appointment feeling quite sceptical, but walked out a non smoker. In the time between my first and second appointment, I slipped up once due to a high stress day. However, Bianca worked on the stress trigger in that second session and I haven't touched one since. I was a sceptic after so many failed attempts; champix, patches, gum, cold turkey. But this was just my fit, it works. Big thank you, kids will enjoy their holiday with the savings come Christmas"
Tanya H

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