What is Resource Therapy?

Bianca Skilbeck

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

What is Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy (also known as Advanced Ego State Therapy) is a brief, powerful and lasting psychodynamic theory and therapy which was developed and taught by Professor Gordon Emmerson since 1995.

Resource therapy is a Parts based therapy which recognizes that the personality is made up of Parts. Parts therapy belongs to a wider group of therapies, named Gestalt therapy. A simple definition of Gestalt is as follows:

‘An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.’

The aim of Gestalt Therapy is to unify all of the parts of the whole; to eliminate internal conflict and struggle in such a way that the person experiences a harmonious existence where they are comfortable with their thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviours.

How can Resource Therapy help me

To conceptualise this a little further; have you ever found yourself saying something like,
“part of me thinks that I should stay, but part of me thinks that I should go”, or “a part of me wants to buy that car, but another part knows that I really should be saving money”?
This is a language which we find most of us naturally and organically use, without even realising it. Most of us can identify with the idea that when it comes to certain areas or issues in life, we sometimes experience an internal struggle or dissonance. A part of you may want one thing, whilst another part of you may want something completely different.

Sometimes our parts do not behave in ways we would like them to behave. For example, you may say,
“I know I shouldn’t do it, but I just can’t seem to stop myself from smoking”, or, “I can’t stop myself from eating chocolate”.
There are many behaviours which people may find upsetting, dysfunctional, or even downright harmful to their health and wellbeing, yet they feel helpless to stop. These behaviours can be things such as smoking, binge eating, drug taking, excessive spending, gambling or OCD behaviours, just to mention a few.

In Resource Therapy, the therapist understands that there is an underlying cause, and that the part of us which carries out the unwanted behaviour is not the cause. Rather, it is often a part of us that is trying to protect us from negative underlying feelings that are held by another part; feelings that are perceived to be so bad or so intolerable, that a protective part of us will do almost anything to prevent us from having to feel them.
Resource Therapists are skilfully able to support the part that is carrying out the unwanted behaviour whilst helping the part that holds the bad feelings to find resolution. A Resource Therapist will facilitate the process of re-empowerment to the Resource State holding the bad feelings. Then will go on to facilitate the negotiation of a useful and enjoyable role for the part that had performed the negative protecting behaviour in the past. This can be done because once the state that held the bad feelings is resolved and empowered; the part that had been doing the unwanted behaviour is able to take on a different behaviour, continuing its primary role as a helper or protector resource in the personality.

Have you ever found yourself not performing as well as you know you can?

Another key function of Resource Therapy is treating what we would call dissonance. Sometimes people find themselves unable to perform in a capacity they know they should be able to, such as sports players, actors or people in public speaking roles. When this happens, we may simply be finding ourselves operating from a part of our personality that is not the best part for the job. In Resource Therapy, we call this Dissonance, and it is resolved by first identifying the dissonance, then identifying a better part of our personality which might be suited to the role.

What can Resource Therapy treat?

Our Parts are our Resources. Resource Therapy seeks to bring harmony to all of our parts, recognising all parts of us as valuable resources that make us the unique individuals we are. Resource Therapy is a respectful therapeutic theory and practice which acknowledges and validates the personality’s needs for internal and external health and harmony. When the causes of pathology are resolved the symptoms related to that pathology are also resolved.
Resource Therapy provides treatment interventions that directly address the personality part in need of change; quickly, powerfully and effectively. Issues such as, but not limited to:
> Depression

> Anxiety

> Addictions

> Eating disorders

> Obsessions & Compulsions

> Fears & Phobias
> Performance anxiety
> Insomnia
 can be treated and resolved in a fraction of the time spent using most other therapies. Resolving the pathology held by a Resource State alleviates the causes of psychological distress, and frees the resources to resume positive functions.

What is Resource Mapping?

A session of Resource mapping is a session where we put aside 90 minutes to discover all of your various resource states – what their purposes are, and how they help you in your life. A session of Resource mapping is designed to help you to get to know yourself better, by developing an awareness and appreciation for all of your states, and an understanding of how you can utilise your states to your full potential. 

Most people choose to do a session of Resource mapping after they have done a few sessions of Resource Therapy and have had the opportunity to experience just how powerful this therapy can be, however, a session of Resource Mapping can also be done as a stand alone session as well. 

After a session of Resource Mapping, you will receive an email with a ‘map’ of all of your Resource states which will be there for you to keep and to refer back to in the future. 

  • Hypnotherapy Session – 90 minutes
  • Counselling Session – 60 minutes

Programs and packages are provided for most issues. All programs include either a work book or weekly exercises and activities. All programs include hypnosis recordings which are sent by email to conveniently download.

  • Payment plans are offered for programs of hypnotherapy.
  • Concession rates are offered to those with a health care card, student card or senior citizens card.

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